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lirik lagu lustful desire – ace grand


with pussy on my mind my only mission is break the ice/
then i got plans for me and her if she stays the night/
unfortunately shes not the type to make a wife/
but that ain’t stopping me from trynna lay the pipe/
my daddy told me to use them rubbers, or pay the price/
no latex in my wallet, its time to shake the dice/
lustful desires, the reason i didn’t take advice/
the worst outcome possible, can i take a life?/
naw, i ain’t got the funds to afford that/
she sayin that we can make it work but i ignore that/
several days stressed, i am unemployed/
a complicated situation that i can’t avoid/
i have no poise, shes full of joy/
but deep down she knows that her freedom is destroyed/
she wants love, im just wanting me a baby boy/
and all this “us” talk got me feelin so annoyed/
im hoping i don’t show signs of a deadbeat/
but how is this happening when my nut is on the bedsheet?/
cuz women lie, and they ask why i won’t trust a b-tch/
i say “f-ck a b-tch”, all im trynna do is f-ck a b-tch/
she coming looking for forgiveness/
knowing that shes wrong, but too childish to admit it/
and they ask why i won’t love a b-tch/
i say “f-ck a b-tch”, all i wanna do is f-ck a b-tch/