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lirik lagu 0 to 100 – ace hood


(ace hood)
your are now in tune to the beast mix
i got the key to win and i’m the locksmith
you can say your prayers once the glock lift
sleeping’ on me freddie kruger i’m a nightmare
f-ck all this ace hood you need to chill sh-t
i body these rappers i got the k!ll switch
i’m the one get it done and i’m like the seal six
police asking me questions i keep a sealed lip
oh lord i am the illest you gotta’ deal with
she blew my brains out she a real crip
twelve-hollow rounds in the glock clip
that sh-t can get to banging if you set trip
better watch your mrs. ima shop lift
go to slamming in this p-ssy like a mosh pit
money and power my n-gga this is our year
just know they not on the block if they know the cops there
d-mn right hunnit-twenty on the turnpike
nothing like some head at the red light
she can’t get enough, this d-ck a crack pipe
let me f-ck her to machiavelli, that’s thug life!
switch the flow up, n-gga focused and i’m on that potion
it’s hocus pocus, top will disappear you ain’t notice
all you n-ggas bogus, in the beamer picture me rolling
an i’m heavy boastin’, f-ck your favorite b-tch i’m the chosen
chevy candy coated, i’m the boss i can’t get promoted
i got plenty shooters, but you know i just gotta tote it
if its murder homie, then its guaranteed that i wrote it
if its hot i’m on it, get the bussin like i was tony
i’m talking montana, pretty b-tches in my cabana
f-ck your propaganda, richest n-gga with bad grammar
glocks in them dirty hampers, the clip is like a banana
we the best on my back, can you kindly show me some manners?
n-gga hood nation, f-ck waiting and f-ck patience
imma get it now, anybody get traumatized
with that drama time, i’m the one who you idolize
i ain’t never lie, gotta ride, they petrified
hope i never die!
p-ssy n-ggas they ever, try get them televised
singing more than a lullaby
i was bored n-gga, watch get rich or get into war n-gga
i k!ll sh-t welcome to the morgue n-gga!

donald sterling feelings i don’t like n-ggas
every where i go i got my team with me
only bad b-tches ever seen with me
n-ggas jealous and they still living
before i leave this b-tch free meek milly!