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lirik lagu power dive – acid blade


it was just a light in sp*ce that passed the i.s.s
heading for the human race, weighing tons though bodiless
it wandered from the path, a lantern of the dead
blazing a trail on the dark land surface from overhead

fear ascended to the throne
evil lord and master
the whole wide world we once called our own
it was struck with disaster

the moonchild was the only one who dashed to the impact site
burnt by the sun she can only unleash herself at night
how darе she be so carelеss? what a mistake
with every step towards the light she put all our lives at stake
darkness proved to only pretend
that in sp*ce we’re alone
it was all in our hands
the stellar wind had it blown

in overdrive it has arrived
extraterrestrial life
a slash of light cut through the night

power dive
power dive
power dive
power dive

all escape attempts have failed
couldn’t fight the spell of light

[solo: alvin]

it baffles all descriptions what she felt out there
for a moment a soaring dream, in the next breath it came a nightmare
but what was always present was that guiding light
the first sunshine that didn’t hurt her, just so lovely warm and white

bliss and mourning came as one
together with all kinds of feelings
as the ghost light and the girl
went into their symbiosis