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lirik lagu juan pablo – acid souljah & xhris2eazy


[intro: acid souljah]
everyday i’m getting bags, b*tch, it’s for sure
everyday me and xhris making hits, b*tch
if you talking sh*t, get up off my d*ck, b*tch
i’m on some out here, getting really rich sh*t
is that dj phat, go run that back

[verse 1: xhris2eazy]
i been f*cking with these drugs, i’m a crash dummy
took a fake pill and it hurt my stummy
wiping on my nose like that sh*t was runny
got so many hoes on me just like bad bunny
punching on fl how i make my money
[?] with some bullsh*t, so i was feeling grumpy
f*cking with the gang, turn your ass to runners
i ain’t finna snitch, boy, i ain’t axxturel
said i’m out of this world, extraterrestrial
[?](d*d*d*d*d*dj phat)

[verse 2: acid souljah]



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