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lirik lagu 24 hours – across the atlantic


i’m the ghost of your transgressions
the cracks in summer pavement
the frays before the snap
i’m the empathy you lacked

we’re under heavy attack
how can we build if you tear us down? in fact
you got me running around in circles in quicksand
your shots fire under ceilings of rose gl-ss

you’re so cold
i’ll never be number one
lies told
stun hearts of the young
burn holes
poison rolls off your tongue
not satisfied with anyone

waking up to 24
your expectations at my door
i can’t ever seem to prove my worth
to you

waking up to 24
i ran, i stayed, i lied, i swore
but i won’t waste my life anymore
for you

here lies the american dream
replaced by this new age hypocrisy
of archaic beliefs
conceived in greed it seems
we grasp at straws
but we don’t aim to cling

drown this
where we found this
lay to rest, trough to crest
underground this

born and branded
taught to abandon
mediocrity‘s always second-handed