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lirik lagu drug like – action action


i’m an angel with broken wings,
who’s poisoning the night
with love, from me to you
i’m having an episode,
do you want a small bit part?
i think you might, i hope you do

oh baby go so slowly
nowhere, nothing, quiet softly

the world falls apart, in just seven days
it sinks to the bottom, in oceans of rain
the cure is so clear, the blood is astray
and everyone dies, except for the rain
…and i think that i’m starting to scare myself

i hate myself, and i want you to die
so insincere, swallowing ice
and it all will render useless
welcome to enhancement by affiliation
time swept by in a hungry nation
and everybody’s dancing to get it off their chests
and everybody dies, but no one gets to rest

go slow for the angels will fall
for the bitterness of this orgy god

half lives with secular law
suspended in a drug like, in a drug like
in a drug like, in a drug like state of bliss