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lirik lagu 103 and roosy – action bronson


[verse 1:]
medication in the plastic bag
i’m a man motherf-cker, you’re a half a f-g
my chest is hairy like the cubans rocking silk
in the 80s on miami beach
you’re just a rabbit that be cached by the falcons feet
i hunt for the meat see me we can thump in the street
f-ck around leave you slumped in your seat
cause we’re coming from queens, every platter is zagat
caramelized up, bulls are getting castrated
hold up hold up someone p-ss the weed to me
f-ck a routine i’m switching up the scenery
boats with decks strictly using throats for s-x
yoga stretch, open p-ssy like a sofa bed
key lime spear fishing off the yucatan
grab a barracuda higher then a parachuter
pair of shooters anthony and harper
[?] i’m sharper than the archer
i’m an artisan down for bi-partisan
cause everyone getting paid see me with the freshest
charles oakley gecko belts and durangos
i f-ck good and make big seeds like a mango
and i felt ready sculpted for the clay court
simple spaghetti shifting in the gray sport
suck my d-ck b-tch real good
motherf-cker kid, action bronsolino suck my b-lls

[verse 2:]
no disrespect mom trying to eat the p-ssy
lift your legs over you head so i can taste the gushy
king thrust is what they call me at the hooker house
260 pounds of pressure right in a hookers mouth
5’7″ with the -ss of of a horse
put it in from behind it’s the salad i toss
she ride me like a maniac
best believe the b-tch a brainiac
she known to keep a fresh shaven cat
milk chocolate and her eyes like the sun
keep a loaded 22 inside her thighs and her buns
her p-ssy lips are tight just like the box of a nun
she’ll have a fiend itching and scratching for rock in
the slum
boosting in the boostiere
i give my favorite goose away just to get a closer look
at how the juices spray
f-cking tired can’t go no more
my raps are marinated days ahead
jalapeno cream cheese on the raisin bread
that’s for breakfast
i’ve got a death wish you never catch bronsolino in a
i’m on the block like tetris
[?] all-star engine
[?] lord i’m a legend
queens sh-t man