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lirik lagu strictly 4 my jeeps (remix) lyrics (ft. lloyd banks & ll cool j) – action bronson


[intro: ll cool j & action bronson]
better slow down baby
one two, one two
better slow down baby
just pulled up to the club on your mother’s back

[hook: action bronson]
you need to slow down baby
my whole team cash and low down baby
i’m a hero in my home town baby
stop talking, just go down baby

[verse 1: ll cool j]
the ripper, the master, charismatic b-st-rd
game estranged like blondes ramadan fasting
indoor pool look like uncle luke’s casting
never too old to fly a fake bubble -ss in
peep the rhetoric, n-body can better it
none of y’all confederates, i’m daddy you’re a surrogate
murder these mics boy, felon after the predicate
f-ck what you heard baby, that sh-t’s all irrelevant
third as fly or half as intelligent
step on that horse sh-t like hannibal’s elephants
watered-down garbage -ss rappers prevalent
all i wanna know is how the f-ck y’all sellin’ it?


[verse 2: action bronson]
in front of queens center mall, leg up on the sweatpants
same outfit every country that the jet lands
jetlagged, just left france
stuff a motherf-ckin’ face into a bedpan
shimmy in the gmc jimmy
so i can make -ssist like mike bibby
nice t-ts on a dyk- that like swimming
smokin’, rollin’ dice and white linen
’89 testarossa, will i fit in?
the jeep’s so big make you wanna take a sh-t in it
you’re b-tch been in it, treated her mouth like i was primitive
i talk sh-t cause i’m livin’ it, it’s me


[verse 3: lloyd banks]
i’m a mac, she gon’ hook a n-gg- up on the expressway
that neck play, thousand diamonds in my x-ray
light the park like when the mets play
clean as a f-ck we make a mess, hey, i’m beamin’ or no?
twenty bucks, twenty women, spend my evenin’ on stuff
i get em out on clockwork, hit my sleeve with the cuff
they know what’s up
young, black, and hungry in the presidential
a hundred somethin’ dimes, but eleven special
takin’ a moment while you’re roamin’
i set the trap, set back, watch my cologne win
designer logo on my uni while i’m rollin’
credit pockets in her louis bag are trojans


[outro: action bronson]
you need to slow down baby
i’m out here, but don’t ever get it twisted
i’ma hero in my hometown baby
on the strip friday night
its lookin like the award show
you need to slow down baby
i’ma hero in my hometown baby’
its me