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lirik lagu 3 fifs – add-2


you treat me like a (censored) black person!
you’re gonna get sprayed!

[james baldwin]
i’m terrified at the moral apathy, the death of the heart, which is happening in my country. these people… have deluded themselves for so long that they really don’t think i’m human. i base this on their conduct, not on what they say. and this means that they have become, in themselves, moral monsters

[verse 1: add-2]
like we always do at this time
still watching n-ggas die
post-traumatic stress disorder so my eyes can’t even cry
don’t wonder why, i heard that’s just the way it is
they spray the block and only k!ll the kid
can swim a river in these mothers’ tears
hide yo wife, n-gga, hide yo kids
they k!ll yo dreams and make you live yo fears
here, they push keys, leaders control-alt-delete us
in our homes, ain’t no food or no fathers either
they turning hoopers from shot takers to gun shooters
my friends went from drug dealers to drug users
inhale, we in h-ll on earth
worth gold but sold soul, smoke gr-ss, do dirt
unemployed but got work, no correction from facilities
expect to see when 21’s the life expectancy
ignorance bliss, broke get a fix, blast the fifth
dip, plead the fifth and drink a fifth, a n-gga still three fifths

[chorus: add-2 (and malcolm x speech)]
a n-gga still three fifths
a n-gga still three fifths
a n-gga…

a n-gga still three fifths
a n-gga still three fifths
a n-gga…

[verse 2: add-2]
i ask myself “how you deal with this?” white folks getting mad
they see us kneeling not them k!lling us, how real is this?
can’t stand it when you standing on your own two
acting like they own you
francis scott key owned slaves and jerry jones too
ain’t sh-t changed mane, they on the same thing
the government and twelve still the biggest gangs mane
can’t be peaceful ‘cause you see what being peaceful do
want me to be like dr. king but sh-t y’all k!lled him too!
ronald reagan gave crack back in the ‘80s
turned black babies to projects from projects
process, n-ggas straight to jail but call it progress
take all the feats that we defeat, whitewash, rinse, repeat
see the lawless make the laws so all the fallen take the fall
they seen yo backs against the wall, my back black, it’s filled with scars
i make the whips hit switch, now the whips turn to cars
said i’m three fifths, forgot the other two fifths was god

[outro: add-2]
i’m three fifths, right? huh? am i good enough? see you love me and hate me at the same time, but you can’t do both. you can’t do both. what! n-ggas still three fifths. you steal everything i got. is it good enough? no? hmph! it’s okay; you’ll be aite. you’ll get over it. aw man. they done locked bill cosby up. but i’m saying, at least can you lock up ben roethlisberger at the same time? no? aw man