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lirik lagu 14 – ademir


i’m so far away that i can look back
into my past
it was 2014 all i see is
youtube videos on my screen
what a throwback
started with a bus pass and a book bag
two*minute walk from the stop to my first class
always fell asleep stayed up late collecting those bags
i was 14

[verse 1]
i swear i’m doing the same thing
wake up every day and go to the same place
see the same people go to class which i hate
monotony is maddening i think i’m going insane
i almost missed the bus again i fell asleep in class again
i failed another quiz again and i don’t really give a sh*t
wish i was done with all of this and i really mean all of it
i open my window and wonder how soft snow really is
i’m a broken missing puzzle piece
i look in the mirror i don’t really f*ck with me
i don’t match with other kids that look like me
i wonder what that makes of me
i’m a walking mass of guilt
am i ungrateful because of how i feel?
i feel like i’m going crazy my life is fine
but why do i cry so much lately?

[verse 2]
i’m in the bathroom it’s 3 am
one day id like to pretend
this never happens and i forget all the times
trips downstairs so no one would hear me cry
i sit down on the floor and i’m rubbing my eyes
i look in the mirror
and then i look back i speak up and ask
“what’s going on you wasn’t like this a year ago
remember last year when you kilt it at the talent show?
even then you wouldn’t let your self take credit
you thought that they cheered because the show was now finished
you fought with that thought back then but now that thought’s winning.”
i respond
“i don’t know what’s going on.”
i look down
“gotta wear sleeves tomorrow”

i’m stupid
look around don’t n0body else do this
try to get to help but its useless
because you’re too scared to ever do sh*t
i’m useless i’m useless
i don’t really matter i’m goofy
you f*cked up this what you get
maybe if you slept you could pass that test
you could make some friends you could talk to them
but you can’t
ain’t that sad?
ain’t that sad?
ain’t that sad?
ain’t that sad?
ain’t that sad?
ain’t that sad?