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lirik lagu 3d matrix – aero sandhill


i’m here now and ain’t no going back
i was way too attached to the 3d matrix
i made this just to wake my people up
cause i know it’s been tough when you doing the same sh-t
breaking habits whenever i’m pulled from the present moment
spirits telling me i’m going all in
i’m quantized with anything that drains my energy
that alone justified it wasn’t meant for me
this shouldn’t feel so mentally drained
all that stress is not good it’s k!lling your brain
so figure out on what’s making your pain
and what you wanna do is so impossible, let’s get logical
the thoughts [?]
and now you swimming in that energy
you gain reality without knowing
the power we possess is so potent
n-gga no joking
keeping my eyes open, hit them with a focus
when you stepping over boundaries
[?] rappers they turn into a casualty
see i’m made of greatness
it was built into reality
i don’t see a sh-ll i take the [?] mentality
everybody different, some people ain’t gon’ f-ck with me
i don’t take it personal, you just gotta learn and grow
elevate the mindset while you still hanging on
lighting up some memories that take a n-gga out the zone
okay now i see the power in being alone
okay now i see the power in holding your own
i was sitting down here to build me a brome
you see i’m smoked up tripping ignoring the phone
cause i know that everything is gonna be alright
i’m the [?] that’s gonna get it right
i’m doubted in my efforts for a better world
stirring up the pot til i make it swirl, infinitely
you’re better than this, praying for my people resonating with this
staying true to yourself is how we stick to the script
that’s what this is