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lirik lagu 1 to 10 – aesop rock


bad back, bad back, bad back
one hand zig while the other hand zag
stand too long in the hall, sit hunched
sit too long and i can’t stand up
gramps out for a sunday drive
our man is betrayed by his lumbar spy
a bullet through the spot, like i’ll meet y’all outside
i need like 5
corpse posed, staring at the moon
entirely on fire, say i oughta get a boo
i’m ready to be turned into soup
or shined into sp*ce, or squashed into cubes
rate your pain level on a scale of 1 to 10
a [?] until it’ll feel like you lost a friend
i’m usually simply okay to shut up and cope
but these days more than ever, my back is like nope