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lirik lagu beautyinthebreakdown – afourteen


yeah, yeah bro f*ck yo [?] big bro hop out the car with a pump
yeah, he get too fried like an onion, freak b*tch yeah, she gon
slide every week cause im dripped, [?] can’t look at the whip
that im in, okay okay okay, im dressed in davinci, im dressed in davinci, [?] i see that boy on the block, yeah i spin in his block, yeah again and again, i pop out in some lowkey [?] can’t decipher all the sh*t that amends, that [?] know me, but i can’t f*ck around and waste time in this b*tch, (not ever) put the motherf*cking lights on (shining) [?] the b*tch, walking round like a zombie, blunt uh, straight to the head, yeah you rapping to kanye, im rapping to [?] while im ballin like kevin durant, yeah i got the rick owens, i love em, my fit, tell that b*tch to get the f*ck off the pants, every
label that called on my phone, yeah i putting it down, get a f*ck
bouta [?] but you right i ain’t seen you much, yeah i tell her
im too busy making some benjamin’s, im high as f*ck, and i just
got some top, and im too busy hitting the [?], im bouta slide
our way to the top, flown out to places you never been, just
look at my fit its benevolent, bouta put some bullets in your
dome, [?] im bouta catch a [?] in this b*tch, yeah i ain’t going
home, yeah i think im in love with my stove, yeah i think im in
love with my guns, yeah i think im in love with the funds, yeah
i know im in love with the drugs, tryna pour a [?] in the cup