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lirik lagu in security – age-9


what will it take to prove your gender?
what will it take to prove your size?
to let them know place your reminder.
show them where your manhood lies.
talk of your strength,
talk of their weakness.
talk of success and what it takes to attain.
shape the mold of what it is to be a real man.
take them all and nothings to gain.
how many times till you’ve had enough?
whatever it takes to get ahead.
it’s degrading but that don’t matter none.
pay no mind to self respect.
what you do is lovely.
the way you give them what they want.
you know they only want one thing,
and that’s the only thing you’ve got.
proof of one’s manhood – in and out.
picture of a woman – up and down.
stop! you don’t gotta be abstinent,
just use a little common sense.
your security’s in the bed,
you insecurities in your head,
self respect that dirty word.
i think you never heard.
hate, you hate yourself.
i think you hate yourself.
when you’re in you’re safe.
when you’re in you’re secure.
safe and safe. you’re in,
in security.