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lirik lagu right sport – aiden scar


tell me right now, is this sport right for me?
i think i’m bout to drop this right here for a fee
don’t be lazy gotta go out and swing
and in the future go out as a legend and a king
tell me, where will i go in the next decade?
did my plans come to life or is it just another day?
what are my plans are they even guaranteed?
i guess you’ll just have to wait and see

twenty*one on the rise and i’m making that wave
working so d*mn hard until i’m buried in a grave
release my songs so i can be up on that stage
but i’m afraid of doing that just have to be brave
make my moment and get the green
earn the fans, with my team
like a scene, know what i mean
you only live once stop thinking about this dream
hard work pays off you just gotta achieve
that anything you can do you can do for free
and pay attention to no one that’s trying intervene
like parappa the rapper said, “i gotta believe”
i thank myself for not being a dead man
graduated 2020 but i still feel like a freshman
worth more then a cover off xxl
cause i got a lifespan that will excel
every time i made a friend they would just pick on me
but once i get popping they gon’ pay for my meet and greet
saying “i used to know you, wanna get some dinner?
then take a picture with them while giving them the middle finger
buying type beats till i can’t no more
to the day critics gives my work a score
and yes i wear the same clothes everyday
cause my life is like a main character off of anime
i know i’m never gonna win a grammy or oscar
i’m such an introvert and i’m not that much of a talker
maybe in a few years that will change
got a whole lotta lyrics stored up in my brain
went by james mitch*ll & aiden duncan
then aiden scar came around and he got summon
didn’t know i would do this till i turned seventeen
and be rapping on some sh*t that was this extreme
working on my craft but i guess it’s time
to step into the scene, yellow tape, no crime
finish every project till it’s perfect in my ears
maybe save your life if you’re having some tears
haven’t even shown anybody my rhymes
but it feels like i’ve been here for a long long time
listening to music way back in ‘05
i’ve seen artists come and go but i guess it’s my time to shine