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lirik lagu 5ive – aiken voka


intro: [aiken voka]

(laughs) yo! broken recordz!
it’s aiken, and i got my man eazy on this one!

verse 1: [leach]

two nails in his hands… blood stains on this sands
thorny crowns on his temple while his bruised veins getting strained
on the cross that he hung… battered, bruised and then won
got that? so ironical right? but that’s when grace was born
nah, poured for all sin, grace so powerful than your sin
grace more sufficient for every person, medicine for your transgression
i’m guessing this amnesty is quite unbelievable right?
interesting, that next best thing after nothing could redeem in his sight
grace doesn’t give you immunity from what you’re supposed to do
grace gives you ability to do what you’re supposed to do
eyes on the cross, trailing the boss
all of your minus count as a plus
…….. rekindle
grace stand for god’s riches at christ’s expense you can ask tim brindle
that’s why we sing singles, can’t belittle, we been good
you can hear that sound, once lost now found
that grace abounds, so why should i jitter
christ so sweet i can never go bitter… leaching the blood that’s why i glitter

chorus: [dorothy]

your grace is such a lover… it’s good news to my flaws (×4)

talk: [aiken voka]

yeah! i am who i am, you are who you are, we are who are by grace right?
(ah men) i’m so much in love with grace men, she’s like my mother (laughs) listen

verse 2: [aiken voka]

aaah… i’m in love with grace (yo) she’s the queen of my life
she’s taken me across great seas to see the meaning of christ
see christ came and christ died then he resurrected… summary
he showed me mercy then he gave me grace and now i live like royalty
we testify by his grace you can ask ‘forbes the magazine’
as for our enemies, (men) they took up fast like japanese…
cars! now we preach the christ in the multitude like a pack of bees
with great power and through grace: acts 4 verse thirty three
all that i am, all i’ll ever be (men) i tie it to this grace
i sacrifice myself to him coz he took away my disgrace
i focus on the lamb slain like a doctor taking an x-ray
and he be on my side as i run in this race
i refuse to conform to this world… plant my feet confirm in his word
by his grace i follow jesus… you can tell it’s not my effort
good or bad, gaskiya he sees us… and righteousness is a gift from his throne
lord your grace is enough for me… great grace for reform

chorus: [dorothy]
your grace is such a lover… it’s good news to my flaws (×8)