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lirik lagu guys like me – aimee mann


guys like me
we don’t know how it feels
even closing the deal
with every player there’s a payoff in the final reel
but never with guys like me

cause guys like me
we look good at the gate
but you’ll agree
with the odds on the slate
and put your money on a bona-fide heavyweight
and take it off guys like me
take off guys like me

they’ll pull you close but never really
looking warm but feeling chilly
you’ll describe us as “imp-ssioned”
when it’s just a front we’ve fashion

cause guys like me
we all vow to become
clear and free of the fife and the drum
and block the circulation till we’re all completely numb
let’s hear it for guys like me
let’s hear it for guys like me
let’s hear it for guys
guys like me



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