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lirik lagu hustlers need love too – aj snow


[verse 1]
i know you on me tough cause you wanna see me grow (see me grow)
and i appreciate how you been holding it down since sh*t been slow (?)
to be honest i never met n0body like you though (we haven’t)
when i tell you you s*xy yo whole body glow
fly as sh*t you got style, i got style
talk nasty in your ear in public you say boy you wild (?)
girl i know it been a while, the switch up be versatile
lock you down throw away the key and we skip the trial (throw away the key)
can you wait girl i been on a mission
the way i hustle it′s just part of my religion
you influence this rap in my composition
when things got tricky you told me follow my intuition

[verse 2]
art exhibit on sunday to go see basquiat (go see basquiat)
i know that’s simple but to you that sh*t mеan a lot
closed deaths make you apprеciate the time you got
and truth be told who else you rather have in this spot (who else would you rather have)
a few flaws i must admit i′m far from perfect (far from perfect)
but you still put in that time cause you know it’s worth it (you already know)
i’m still getting better it′s always something new i′m learning (something new i’m learning)
you was meant for me the universe just keep confirming
can you wait girl i been on a mission (on a mission)
the way i hustle it’s just part of my religion (my religion)
i think of loyalty and i see you by the definition (i see you)
i f*ck with how you move with all these good traditions (snow)

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