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lirik lagu 0 to 100 – aj tracey


[intro: aj tracey]
yo, listen, looney, ys
you know what it is, listen

[verse 1: aj tracey]
i go from zero to like 2310
n*gga said he’s on me, ah he’s such a [?]
stopped the lyrics, got narcotics in the skeng
cah i had them climbing all over the fence
first team, never sitting on the bench
don’t try and come act becah you’re wedge
cah i’ll push a bodybuilder off a ledge
make him smash up on the floor like he was pebs
only had the water, now i’m getting bread
turning water into wine, it’s looking red
i’ve got a jezzy all up on me giving head
i paid her cab back to her yard cah it was dead
i’m the hardest from the west, that’s what i said
and i can put it on selassie, man i’m dred
my name is carrying the weight, it’s like i’m lead
and i’m a cheeky motherf*cker, call me ted

[verse 2: ys]
yeah, ys, i’m back, listen, yo, look
dealt with situations you couldn’t deal with
dealt with a couple chicks who couldn’t deal [?]
and that’s real sh*t
bought champs just to spill this
she a freak, she wanna film it
told her it’s m.o.b, do you get the picture?
i’m f*cking with ya
but i ain’t really f*cking with ya
pass the f*cking liquor
pass the f*cking rizla
matter of fact, pass the f*cking swisher
let me turn up for the times i’ve been down
for my bruddas that’s in the bin now
for my bruddas in the ground
just bones, no more skin now
f*cking grams got me slim now
[verse 3: ys]
ys, they call me ys
silver haze, i don’t like cess
they got my bruddas locked up so i don’t like feds
i wear red ’cause i like red
i wear blue ’cause i like blue
stressed out, smoke weed, it gets me right through
[?] windows like a drive*thru
heard these n*ggas don’t like me so i don’t like you
right now i’m humble ’cause i’m eating well
if it’s p’s, i’ll phone [?], they gon’ eat as well
drag a n*gga off the top deck, no tfl
get that n*gga there, no edl
couple packs in my bag, they don’t even smell
feds on my tail, told my cab driver keep it real
they ain’t gonna search you when my bag [?]

[verse 4: big zuu]
i’ve got stress on my shoulder ’cause sh*t was never handed
i be myself, i can never be branded
high for every journey but a plane has never landed
speaking ’bout planes cah my journeys be expanded
get out of london and go and tour the atlas
that will only come if i blow with this rap sh*t
that’s why i keep writing, tryna go on the tracklist
but they wanna block me out becah i don’t spit about the trap sh*t
but f*ck that, real recognise real
we see how they feel when a n*gga gets a deal
that’s when they’re hollering at me, saying that they wanna chill
never used to bring me in but now you wanna bill
never kept it one hundred, now you want a bill
that’s why i’m *n*lysing, tryna dodge all the pythons
cah when they needed help, they were dashed like a hyphen
but now they won’t stop seeing me like a siren
uh, let me bless it on a rap tune
try attack zuu, get inside of my back moods
with some mad goons that’ll ride on these bad yout’s
it’s the d*mn truth that you can’t approach
you’ve gotta keep sides like the man who vote
you’ve gotta think why [?]
there’s only an amount of stress that a man can toke
so if i keep it in, it’ll be hard to cope
if my n*gga’s drowning, i would pass the rope
if it was my crown then i would half the [?]
and put them under covers on the other side
2pac said “ain’t no love for the other side”
bun them other guys who are stunting like the brother type
see our colours shine, unleash, it’s the colour time
i just want a latin saying [?]
soon i’ll be fly in the sky, seeing dollar signs