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lirik lagu 2versesnochorus – ajax the lesser


[verse 1: ajax the lesser]
i think i got something that’s on my mind
but i ain’t really been writing verses up in this time
we taking weight up on our back
carving black names out our black skin
the words of ajax
fueled by pain felt by jackson
so called friends be posting they so called passion
followed by this and that but really lacking on action
ignoring their past statements and black memories of what happened
they follow the right trends but treat the chants just like fashion

[no chorus]

[verse 2: ajax the lesser]
you tip toe all around the issue
we break our back to hand you a tissue
we kneel down just so we can lift you
we give up everything so we can get you
you see the problem that we having with you?
thank you for three letters and black screens
thank you for some hot air and your lost steam
for 15 minutes there it all seemed
like you cared enough to really break your routine

[no chorus]