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lirik lagu 2084 – akin yai


ghost town
enjoy the f*ckin silence
boy down
i hear the trucky sirens
a student ghetto violence
in yo mouth b*tch
a lucky virus
fix yo lips quick
now get up off me
you swine flu? forget the porky
served rice,beans and get the broccoli cook beef quick and get it saucy

just a lil mixture of hopeless elixir
smile mona lisa and ooh i like it
ooh i like it..
hopeless elixir smile, mona lisa
ooh i like it

oh my black god
when we walk by
guess what dat why a n*gga talk fly
yo god it’s your hour
deliver your power
for all of my people
lemme hawk high(2pac)
and watch my children
sons and daughters
love your mother
honor thy father
you are thee 1
kissed by the sun

can’t stop won’t stop
take that , take that
we are the virus
gbese gbese