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lirik lagu worldwide – akinyele



yeah yeah yeah
we got my man extra p in the house
but me and my man akinyele
you know we goin worldwide this tour
cause yo you know how that go
we gon’ get together y’all, word up
that’s how we gon’ bring it to you
we gon’ go all around the world
get this money, and do what we got to do
word up, my man rhasaan in the house
we gon’ bring it to y’all like this, word up
just give it to em ak.. uhh

i been in and out all areas
and all you true hip-hop fans, you know the ak’s takin care of ya
slap your -ss with real rap
i keep it underground, like subways, so i can stay on track
i’m not a carpenter, but i’ll cut the rug
think you can hang with ak? ha, that’s your brain on drugs
smack fire out your -ss like a flag from _backdraft_
didn’t peep the movie, you don’t know the half
schoolin mc’s until they start learnin
we don’t gotta be mississippi to watch the ak start burning
i kick that sh-t that’s known to hit
so much rap lines, you might f-ck around and hang clothes on it
but yo it ain’t no thing in it, your static-free rhymes
that you kick, need to be kicked, cause it doesn’t got no cling in it
then you turn around and start singin it
hard akinyele be brought, so i’m here to start bringin it
first cannibalistic rhymer, eatin b-tch n-gg-z
by the statistics, like, jeffery dahmer’s
huh, scr-pin you like a sculpture, murder you for the vulture
my dozen dirty, my brains be donated to agri-culture
so come on and face it, my skills are like medicine n-gg-
you just don’t wanna taste it
you best to slide to the side, another corner of the map
cause this here is worldwide

worldwide – yeah yeah [x4]

put them tired rhymes to bed, and loosen up your laces
your shoes are too tight, and now it’s goin to your head
me you feel you can pull with
remember that i’m not a matador, so get off that bull-sh-t
i put rappers and singers in they place
a real rudebwoy with the raz’, i write it all over your face
leavin you bloodier than a maxipad
crayola crayons, they’d have to color me badd
so play like a midget and forget it
cause i put oil to the fire, like an arsonist
when it comes time to set it
i get more run than an athletic
sharp as a hyper-dermic
lyrics are flavored up like a dia-betic
i recoups, and they try to step to this
nowadays i probably have as much kids as jerry lewis
my rhymes drip like a razor, punch like joe frazier
i don’t sell shoes, because i don’t believe in favors
ducks better break north, before i start
baggin that -ss, like a motherf-ckin washcloth
winnin battles cause i’m a hip-hop soldier
act like you know, and f-ck what your girl told ya
no bluff, for years i’ve been in this
a nine to five employee don’t got sh-t on me
cause i done stepped to nuff rapper business
beggin for for-giveness
channel 7 news and people from jehovah done witnessed
the whole akinyele vibe
you know what i’m sayin kid, this here is worldwide

worldwide – yeah yeah [x4]

ak not catchin wreck, come the f-ck on
ring the alarm, i drop bombs like the guard in vietnam
i kick that sh-t, n-gg-z dream to write
my brain so hot that it ignites, but you can’t see the light
fast rappers can’t speed by this, you better slow down
because i’m puttin the brakes on your -ss like midas
nope, it don’t matter what type of slang you drop
i give you rope and you still can’t hang with the ak
for years i put ears through therapy
watch a episode of cheers before you come try the beer with me
i graduated from lobbies, bangin on walls for a hobby
i battle anybody, even a dead body
i got rhymes that would attack ya
so you better watch your back, or f-ckin hire a chiropractor
ain’t nuthin change from before, slap n-gg-z with mani-cures
stomp you down, after a pedi-cure
here’s another lesson, i’m not a quiz
so that talk about me not gettin biz that’s out of the question
it’s a ak, jam, god d-mn don’t get slammed
you catch the backhand, word to my dead man
you best to rest if you want peace
cause like a hooker from up the street, i’m down for beef
i’m hotter than a sauna again the drama is rugged
word to sinead o’connor, i be tearin sh-t up
cause i sprayin immaculate, like a mac-11..

[impossible to make out the rest of the verse with voiceovers]

i take you to london
i take you to europe
come back to queens
i take you to russia
i take it to the north pole
i bring it back to queens
i give it to em
i take it to the west indies
i give it to em
i take you to india
i give it to em
i bring it back to queens
i give it to em
i take it to germany
i give it to em
i take it to…