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lirik lagu love and affection – alan vaytsman


alan vaytsman: piano and vocals
ashley vandergrift* drums
sara lu* piano and vocals
olivia gaskins* bass
olivia kalaris* guitar
elyse garcia* violin

written by sara lu, josh schoenbrun and alan vaytsman

verse 1:
i thought there was no rejection

but i found a way to bring more love
“i thought we had it all, love that would last but now i’m left with just this emptiness that won’t pass”
“now i know i deserve better” “i’m stronger than i thought”
“love and affection, that’s what i need i won’t settle for less, i deserve the best”
“i’ve been through the fire, but i’m coming out strong i’ve found my way, i’ve found my song”
i’m breaking free, i’m finding me i’m chasing dreams, i’m wild and free” “i won’t lеt fear, hold me back i’ll rise up strong, and takе the attack”
ove and affection, always and forever” “empowerment and strength, until the end”

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