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lirik lagu 12 am – alessia stone


in a world where you can be anything
be as kind as you can be
you don’t know how much you’ll lighten someone

sometimes, i feel like i’m stuck in a trance
at 12 am, sobbing in my bed
drowning myself in my own thoughts
the rise and the fall of the clouds
symbolize my mental state
the way the water rages and roars upon the earth’s crust represents my anger

my only escape is my room
full of lights and glowing stars
my windows are open, the curtains flowing from the cool summer breeze
as i feel the air touch my cheeks
and make me feel wanted

i lay in bed at 12 am
watching the stars soar at the pigments of blues
as one day transitions into another one
and life goes on

one day i’ll be like a star
i came from one
someday, i’ll become one