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alex speaks his peace - alex dionisio lyrics


everyone is outraged over the war between israel and hamas in gaza, palestine and for good reason
and while it may seem like we ordinary people who live in comfort can’t do much about it except to protest, there really is something much more powerful you can do to help the situation, and that is to stop eating animal products
because it is that practice which is the primary fuel for the war machine
human animals murdering and subjugating non*human animals leads to those same things inevitably being done to othеr human animals
war on non*human animals leads to war on human animals
eating animal*derived foods will possеss people with the demons in mind, body and soul to carry out campaigns of war against their brethren
if you want to stop the war, then stop eating the foods that are the result of humans’ war against animals, stop treating them maliciously
what is done to them is eventually done to us

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