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fall from sojourn - alex dionisio lyrics


rest in peace to all the rappers that died untimely deaths
they left
they were either caught up in the streets or
didn’t watch the drugs that would creep up
or, it was from what they were eating
so they didn’t resist the system
so they let the system consume them
and like everyone else, they were clueless
and the system, then well, they also ended up consuming it
and, i guess it’s true what they say
you really are what food that you are used to
oh boy
just go along
listen to this flow, song
you gotta put up a front
so you don’t end up dumped
don’t let yourself go by the wayside
what rappers will make it to their nineties?
we’ll see
or someone will see
if i’m not there to see it
rest in peace
watch it
it could take ya
so make your escape from this sh*t
go to the wellness

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