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lirik lagu 44. caliber love letter – alexisonfire


sifting through weathered photo alb-ms
(does it make a difference?)
looking for gloriously aged polaroids
(this is the way it is)
(you think it really would make a difference? would i hang on the beach in perfect black and hide?)
of places you’ve never been.
(i broke through this hollow sh-ll that once held me so tight i couldn’t breathe)
a place to accept you don’t exist
(come with me, jump off the edge)

“smile for the camera sweetheart. i really wanna immortalize the moment.”
just remember the first step in forgetting
is destroying all the evidence.
with friends like you,
who needs subtext?
sub. text. sub. text.

this is a .44 caliber love letter straight from my heart.

with a gun, make your shot.
let’s hope for better sh-t.
(straight {straight!} from {from!} my {my!} heart {heart!})
that reason for separation.
(straight {straight!} from {from!} my {my!} heart {heart!})
straight from… my… heart.
christened by your bullet.
i’m losing patience.
well i guess…
it’s my own fault.

don’t remember.
don’t remember.
don’t… remember.