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lirik lagu 14400.1 – all the hipe


as the curtain lifts
it seems my worthlessness
burning kids with nouns and verbs and sh-t
these purple hits
will calm my nervousness
im sure this b-tch
who had some foul words
some im purple nurpleing
man im just havin fun with it
drinkin substances
if u thirsty, chug this and
get h-rny and hump b-tches
if u didn’t laugh at it
then u didn’t get it
if u dont have a chance at it
then u won’t hit it
these all arent words of wisdom
this ain’t supply and demand
dap a 20 inside of my hand
and ill slide u a gram
thats basic business
f-ck basic btiches
i vomit words like cold sweats
and u can’t fake the sickness.. b-tch
either u feel me
or your brain is fried
people complain that im
too dope for the kids like a fetus with cocaine inside
tell me one person
whos rappin like this kid
im like usain bolt
in the special olympics
i make rhymes with a sick twist
im higher than ridin
on top of a lift kit
riding and vibing
puffin my fifth spliff
im gifted..
but not in a retarted way
im high i need some oxygen
water and a chocolate cake
u say i spit tight
funny thing is that im off the j
u grip d-cks and i grip mics
im stronger than an army tank
pardon me im foul mouthed
and morally challenged
tried restoring the balance a
and fckin metamorphosis happened
legend has it
u say his name 3 times in the mirror
i pop out that b-tch, freestyle
then i kill u and its true