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lirik lagu fast – amareisdead


you know that i rock
need a star girl that pop
all these scars that i got
from all these b-tches tryna put me on a lock

zooming thru like lightning
fast cars
nice things
b-tches wanna tag me
diamond in the dark
bet it bling
flash on you
like lightning

(verse 1:)
b-tch this ain’t no race
like mcqueen
in the whip
smoking gasoline
shawty strip
while im driving down my lane
1st place
then she blow my brain
can’t slow down
girl im tryna get away
need a fast car
summ like nascar
feel like martian
girl your nasa
blast my rocket
girl i need some sp-ce

girl i feel like lightning
dragon ball tri beam
baby dont f-ck with me
speeding off like mcqueen

(verse 2:)
i hit the curve
she wanna f-ck
im pulling up to the curb
she wanna ride
give her the handle
she wanna drive
put it in gear
she back it up
im in the rear
girl how the view
i hit that girl from the side