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lirik lagu ​moan(icecream orig rough demo) – amberlicious


[intro: cupcakke]

[verse 1]
coyote ugly on the tv, extra loud
you said you’d come after you showered
but i can’t wait, i’ve got to see and s*x you now
so kiss me on my glossy lips
d*mn right, i know how hot it is
not really into politics
but that d*ck is right and i’m positive
let’s hit a [?]
you know this tranny can’t be replaced
and after you’re done you kiss my face

[verse 2]
now i want it every hour
in the bed or in the shower
kitchen or the steps
boy, you got me wet
now i want it every minute
even after we just finished
you might think that i’m a ho
but, boy, just make me moan
you make me moan
i losе control
you make me moan (hah*uh, hah*huh)
i lose control

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