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lirik lagu dear constellation – amias


when i was young
i used to love the constellations
i dreamed of reaching them
so i would find them fascinating
just tiny shining b-lls
thats floating high in the sky
who knew that they were really full of lies
the beauty would disguise
every evil that’s hidden within the sky
only showing glory
which really is your demise
to tell you the sad truth

to tell you the sad truth

i learned that nothing good comes from the sky dear constellation

dear constellation

dear constellation

dear constellation

i used to have eyes wide
as i stared in the sky
now i stare blank
steady trying to figure out why
i lost a good man
in this thing that we call life
amazement turned into hatred
as he lost this fight
i tried to play it off
pretend to be alright
fighting back every tear
losing sleep every night
blowing smoke in the air
as i pondered my troubles
who would’ve known stars would burry me in rubble
my hope began to fumble
as this fear would crumble part of my brain
i felt like i was losing everything
see i was feeling dark
heart missing
and apart
all because this star had faded due to cancer