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lirik lagu work till the mornin’ – amira unplugged



i don’t sleep, i work till the mornin’ (8x)

[verse one: amira unplugged]

i ain’t never cared about the twinklin’ bling
never really worried bout the flashy things
s u double*c e s s
all i ever really wanted was to be the best
on top
number 1
i worked all night
writing in the wee hours, sittin’ in the moonlight
inspire a generation
to ignite their light
every day i gotta pick fight not flight
[rap break]
hop on the wagon before the band shows up
betta cut the red wire before my fans blow up
pack up the pick*up
won’t ever stick up*
won’t ever kick up my feet
never get sick of
workin through hiccups
never been scared to compete cause i’m*

workin when it’s raining
fighting for my sunshine
even when it’s dark out
i can make my own light

breaking walls gon’ take some work
dirt on my hands, sweat on my shirt
‘cause won’t be no dollars earned
if there ain’t no lessons learned

i don’t sleep, i work till the mornin’ (8x)

[verse two: lexie hayden]
finally got a song on the radio
and i still got a 9 to 5
but i feel it in my bones
a change’ll come tonight
spent seven years in a ten*year town
ain’t no way i’m gonna give up now
i’m steppin’ up to claim my crown
fightin’ for my moment, fighting for my season
even at my lowest, i know there’s a reason

if you want the growing, you gotta plant the seeds
even if the winds are blowing, ain’t no moving me


i don’t sleep i work till the mornin’ (8x)

(both singers)

mark my words
i know someday
gonna be my name
in the hall of fame