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lirik lagu 0-100 remix – anaro


[verse 1: anaro] rap until i fill arenas you can’t see me like john cena, just tryna get my green greener you know that i ball just like leaners got you on your toes like ballerinas “look”, i never tire but i’ve still got the drive i’m going up but y’all are gonna take a dive, you know i’m a beast straight out of the east rising to the top like yeast i’m the greatest at the least “look”, and you know i feed the streets boy i call that a feast, you know i got bars just like the police i don’t see defeat like amputees and it’s not a parasite when i say that you should flea, cause y’all don’t know what it’s like to be me spitting this fire i know that you agree when they see me everyone leaves just like trees i gotta stay in shape like geometry, i’m gonna be a star no astronomy gonna make money in this economy gonna double up my singles eharmony i’m just tryna make a milli no carter 3!

[hook 2: anaro] we go zero to 100 real quick, i’m a fresh prince like i’m will smith, gonna be the king everyone’s kneeling and just realize that i’m a real kid

[verse 2: anaro] i’m just a young entrepreneur i’m the cr-p like manure serving like a steward i was never poor (x2) but i’m gonna make it big like you ain’t ever seen before aghhhh, you can like it or hate it make it or break it gonna take it never fake it or shake it awake it leave you naked, this complaining and aiming and raiding, not a young woman but mp was where i was made in, i am great in my rap life especially when i spit hotter than satin, so i guess being king (x2) is like a nimbus cloud (x2) cause we’re both reigning, don’t let me catch you misbehaving cause what i’m saying is gonna be engraved in the hall of fame

[outro 1: anaro] zero to 100 like bugatti’s better than these famous rappers to bad that they’re not me, keep it og and not a copy going 0-100 and no ones gonna stop me (x2)! yeahhh zero to 100 yeahhh zero to 100 agh, we go zero to 100 real quick, boy i know that you gonna feel this, gonna take this rap game and seal it and everywhere i go i know i’m gonna k!ll it. we go zero to 100 yeah we go zero to 100 (x2) we go zero, zero to 100 aghhh! zero to 100, yeah boy we do this real quick, real quick yeah yeah yeah real quick, cause we go zero to 100!

[the catch up verse 1: anaro] hold up wait a second yo, hold up i’m about a blow, if by now you better know, i’m the greatest and it is so true ugh, just a jew with a p-ssion to be rappin and cr-ppin on all these rappers not always a happily ever after and in my case it’s always a disaster, spitting that lame spitting this game spitting to fame and as far as i came, but that’s not how this fairy tale goes and it’s not all about the fame and the gold it’s about a kid who’s just tryna play catch up and dealing with school and problems that got him fed up, got his whole fam on feed got all these crowds straight to their feet, y’all must be joking when i leave them broken it’s hard being softly spoken, it’s hard to be humble when everyone just want to rumble and take their words back and lose their b-lls just like a fumble, if you wanna talk then step to the occasion cause don’t talk and then start backing away cause you finally see who your facing and get beat by a jewish caucasian who will smash your face in it’s like i don’t know how to share cause i’m not someone to play with and people always telling me to face it saying that i will never make it saying that my music sucks and i’m always faking well you will all be calling me big sean cause i’ll finally be famous so y’all can keep hating cause at the end of the day i’m the one who can finally sat that he made it! okay hold up my bad, i check it and wreck it i’m a villain who is k!lling i’m to ill in these songs and i know that you is feeling, gotta catch up like heinz welcome to my ill mind call me hopsin i hop in get it poppin and then i rock them, i’m the greatest as far as my writing goes y’all can’t handle bars just like bicycles, i don’t play boy no mansions i’m throwing this up for ransom i hit the beat and go harder through i put metal to your ribs just like a family barbecue, so this is out to all you rappers who always kind of wondered how you do it right when you go from zero straight up to 100, and i’m gone!!!