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lirik lagu 3rd – andre yaniv


do this on one take
trying to keep remembered
i keep trying to try again and again
why shouldn’t i quit?
why shouldn’t i quit trying to find you?

ahora queda pa downtown?
te escucha y dice si
la mente baja me lleva pa ti
y la cosa es que empieza a ser asi
dos veces no te piensa no
dos veces no te piensa
y con ella no se lleva no
pero nada nunca y nada siempre
y nada nunca no
y nada siempre

(oh, oh)

i left her home
she let me sung
i told her in right there that i wasn’t right (if it wasn’t for me!)
i couldn’t let it go that way tonight
i’ve been so indecisive all of my life
i keep it on it
i kept it on it