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lirik lagu 1,2,3,4,5 – andrew the spirit


{intro: andrew the spirit}

ahh yeah

{chorus: andrew the spirit}
dont play with the kid (picture us slowly)
im alone again (i am alone)
i can’t go no where
im alone again

dont play with the kid (four, five)
im alone again (im alone again)
i can’t go no where
im alone again

{verse 1: andrew the spirit}
please say
be safe
(im alone again) oh yeah dont say
goodbyes say see you later (see you later)
what they say
picture us in this uhh
couldn’t be more lonely (lonely)
in a sense i give it up
its fine
count 5
we are
im a

{bridge: andrew the spirit}
(aaaoooo, aoooohh)

1,2,3,4,5 and
6,7,8,9,10 (yeah)

{verse 2: andrew the spirit}
you see mama ain’t want me out (you see)
want me to get shot down
mama not around
i spent alotta time down
ain’t mean i was out
i just did’nt know what i was bout (bout)
know where i was bound (bound)
did’nt know how to open my mouth
did you see if you could help me out
(now im just around)
its weighing me down
funny how they going to need me now

i guess it was me speaking up
i guess i had enough (enough)
i guess it was a tug
i guess now im getting to it
i know its love
{outro: andrew the spirit}
i’ll go everywhere (huh)
i’m going everywhere