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lirik lagu “i’m the man” – angel inn levi



thirty bands
thirty bands
thirty bands
fourty bands
fourty bands
fourty bands
fifty bands
fifty bands
fifty bands
“i’m the man.”
“i’m the man.”
“i’m the man.”
cooking up the good done emptied out my ice trays
now to cool the work off we just buy a bag of ice
verse 1

f-ck it
i’m selling everything like auctions
the all black coupe came with options
what the f-ck?
all you n-gg-s can’t stop us
in the mother f-cking burbs selling often
bricks that we hide in the couch
if you ain’t serving get out
you understand what i’m talking about
here’s the address to my trap house
text me up
don’t even call
with that texas in my cup i’m leaning hard
i keep that steel by my side or under the seat in my ride
i don’t got nothing to hide but a bunch of drugs and a bunch of guns
move all the stash to a new location
tell the feds i’m on vacation
i won’t be back til the winter comes
cooking that hard til my wrist is numb
my lick said he need another one
i’m serving them up with what they want
customer service is first
he said hold on i got cash on my card
he went to the store to pull it off
i’m weighing the work in the mean time
bagging it up on time
i said i’m gone only do this one time
here’s that rock that you want and a bag of pine
catch me on my grind

chorus x2

verse 2

tell all of your friends i got the good
i’m serving them sh-ts and i’m the cook
i’m rolling up purple in backwoods
drop the ice on the rock while i’m sipping lean
shine on a hater like mr. clean
we selling that white to get the green
we selling that weed in between
we selling to custys while smoking trees
smoky the bear ain’t got nothing on us
preparing the h it smells like ammonia
snitch and i’ll put something on you
in the trunk of the car i got work i ain’t sell yet
i ain’t go to jail yet
my n-gg-s ain’t make bail either
they was moving too fast on the meter
you let the rock get off too early
that what we call a soft turkey
when the waters still looking murky and that rock break up like detergent
i’m gone show you how to whip it
i’m real proper in the kitchen so customers like what they getting
maybe you need new dishes

chorus x2