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lirik lagu “real niggas do real things” – angel inn levi


chorus x2

started from an o
now we’re up to the pounds
“real n-gg-s do real things.”
now i’m in a king size bed
came from sleeping on the couch
“real n-gg-s do real things.”
i got n-gg-s everywhere you go around the city
“real n-gg-s do real things.”
i came from the basics
now i’m living luxurious
“real n-gg-s do real things.”
verse 1

b-tch you didn’t know what the f-ck i came here for
i need dough
i need drugs
i need women
i need more than a n-gg- could supply
ask around
i’m that guy
i’m trying go world wide televised
f-ck door to door
i got that steel in my drawer
i got aim from afar
i’m a star and you’re not so there’s reason to hate
i just want to keep the peace without picking up the heat for my homies in the streets trying to avoid police
until the fear is obsolete this going to be an obstacle
i’m flexible
all about my green like a vegetable
i’ll let you know if i’m arriving on schedule
just to be professional
this remains perpetual

chorus x2

verse 2

real n-gg-s do real things
b-tch n-gg-s have mood swings
might as well get a mood ring n-gg-
get in some trouble and my n-gg-s pull triggers
it’s a new year
i’m trying put a change to that
instead of laying them flat we got money to make
f-ck them all give it break instead of putting freedom in stake
i got too much time to worry about like how am i going to waste it
i had to stop f-cking with the wrong clowns
i drowned them out
n-gg-s can’t swim out here
how are supposed to live out here
we can win out here
how we get out here?
far away from home
i guess we got to make a way so i turned it to my zone
i took my old morals and i turned them to a song
sometimes i listen to myself all day long
i’m the best advice i could give myself
as long as i got a mind i don’t need no help
i’m tired of same people trying to give me h-ll
so i must escape cause this sh-t is like jail to me
if i make bail at least
i’ll keep a straight story then i’ll be free
that’s clarity

chorus x2