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lirik lagu veni vidi vici – ankhlejohn


[verse 1]

(sick, sick, sick, sick)

sh-t, a n-gga like myself never chase a b-tch
raise the grip, f-ck a laser sh-t(?), my aim is swift
smokin’ on some asian piff, sprinkle a little jamaican in that
had me seeing lights like a vegas trip
i was really on some faded sh-t
you wanna see us, gotta pay for it, the b-ss it make the pavement flip
my cadence sick, the alpha male talkin’ to a beta b-tch
she saw me with a delta, started raisin’ fits
voice raised as sh-t, wavin’ razor, kids i wasn’t made for it
i could take this hollow tip and graze your lips
before it escalated we started f-ckin’, she does amazing tricks
she outta town i make her take a trip
just to take some d-ck, wakin’ up to eggs, turkey, bacon, grits
and at that moment things started makin’ sense
the matrix fl!ck: my whole life, verbatimly relate to it
i better throw me on that fader quick



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