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lirik lagu and chromatic death – anthrax


well, well, thought long dead. back rearing his head, “sgt. d”.
the great thing about these two songs is that they are cover songs that we wrote.
“what?” you say, you don’t understand. well here’s the deal.
in 1985, me and chaarlie played on an alb-m by sod along with dan lilker and billy milano.
all these songs were written while we wre in the studio recording “spreading the disease.”
we already had enough songs for that alb-m so we figured we’d release all of thse other songs
under a different name.
sod’s “speak english or die” came out around august of 85 and we played 6 shows between october
and decmeber and that was it. basically, we all had other sh-t to do.
but, it was fun and i guess that’s why we’ve brought these back now.
we’ve made some changes (we’re allowed, we wrote’em), joey’s singing, different tuning, well,
you’ll hear them for yourself. oh, those of you who have never heart the original versions may
recognize “chromatic.” mtv used it as theme music for headbangers ball for a long time.
(they showed cars and trucks crashing and all sorts of stuff)