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lirik lagu 555-moscato – antwon


i’m smooth as silk, you warm like a baby bottle
i grip modelos, you cl-ssy so you sippin’ moscato
my n-gg- blessed me so i rolled up the marijuana
we hold hands, f-ck for hours, sleep all day tomorrow
[?] call me papi, i’ll give ya neck m-ssages
she like a man chubby but she still call me adonis
all around beauty, that’s danger in a curve
she got a real n-gg- waitin’ so she never flirt
her t-tties kinda slim, but her -ss stay stocky
i cook a nice meal, slammin’ b-tter til i see broccoli
we lay in bed chillin, both readin a newspaper
her friends jealous ‘cuz she met a man with real flavour
my friends hatin’ ‘cuz in real life, they’d probably date her
i think they buggin’ ‘cuz what we got is something major
hey love, come and wrap me in ya elegance
your mind and your body together, we in present tense

uh, you know what i’m saying, we just chill
s-x and the city, y’know what i mean
season 1 through 15,000
chillin’, on that 2099 hype
bad slorp production
shoutout, to lil [?]
what it do