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lirik lagu a letter back home – apex frazier


ladies and gentlemen…
i’d like to thank everyone for coming out tonight
but even moreso, i’d like to thank you for staying at home..

shout out to everyone from i*95
shout out to everyone who stayed by my side (stayed by my side)
the 540 and the 640 and anyone who was with me on 460 and we drove
i’m on a roll now (i’m on a roll)
i’m in my zone now (i’m in my zone)
and a lot of fakers showed themselves, but i’m playin the long game
you didn’t hit me up til i went viral with kyle lowry
i chuckled
sometimes the facts do the most talkin’ (facts)
sometimes the dead don’t need coffins (nope)
funniest part of the funniest part is when misread my lips while you was eavesdroppin’ (haha)
say the wrong things on purpose (like)
i’m so high i’m nervous (yeah)
you can’t shoot me down and that’s for certain
i had every excuse to drop and stop workin’
but the middle of my chest won’t let me stop workin’
took a minute for rest and now i’m back searchin’
for the validation that i had no business earnin’
but it’s hard and i want it so i’m pretty set on learnin’ (pretty set)
i put all you foolies on and got no appreciation
so i’m stopping the clock, thank god for dedication
he’s kept me inspired, i read through the canon
then i canon balled into better livin’ (splash)
tell your brodies not to worry cause i’m cool (i’m cool)
tell pr i’m on the clock, it’s time for school (for school)
let me lay up, see the stars and map my moves
straight bangin’ in the car, like i got nothing to lose
i’ve been spittin for a minute and never called it spit
i was sinnin’ for a minute and didn’t call it sin (no)
he told me not to do it, then i did it all again
same god since sampson and my samsung, man
sing a song young man, entertain us
go develope your brand, go get famous
live down to the standards of the brainless
and do it with poise, be courageous (be courageous)
if you find your voice, then do it for the gang (gang)
if you make your noise, don’t forget the greatest name (name)
you need to sound welcoming, but stay in your lane (lane)
if you can do all that, then you might get fame
but i don’t want fame bro, i want change (i want change)
i wanna know for sure it ain’t in vain (ain’t in vain)
i want these kids to remember unashamed (yuh)
and no matter what, that you can always be saved
safe travels to you all, i gotta leave (gotta leave)
hope you remembering the best of me (best of me)
lucky for you, i don’t believe in luck, i believe in grinding for no monthly fees
my snappin’ lead to snappin’ like a poetry event
use it for heating up your eardrums like a broken summer vent
it’s a blessing, be a blessing and i’ll leave it at that
if i said it, then i meant it, like a wintergreen mint (freshhhh)
no agreements signed, i can’t sell my soul away (yeah)
i grieve for the time, that black and white are grey
i’m ashamed sometimes, at my ancestors play
but i’ll leave it in god’s hand, he handles things great
from the land of the free, racist, and climate change
bad people get credit for doing great things
i ain’t saying that i hate you, i hate how you never change
but i’ll still love your sweet tea and fast food chains
the chains of the slave mentality is strange
never mind the white man if they saying strange things
never mind the business man cause he don’t care what you say and he’ll gladly can you if you cost him anything (anything)
ima do what i know to be true (be true)
ima speak where i feel i need to (need to)
don’t be too upset, i still got love for you but i can not sit, this what god told me to do
if you think i’m breadgettin’, know i give it all away (give it away)
if you think i’m headtrippin, know i threw them joints away (threw it away)
if you think i’m half slippin’ half steppin’ remember that there’s levels to this thing, babe
apex: this reminds me of driving down the road
down the mountains
chick*fil*a in my hands
drake playing in the car

alyssa: what do you get at chick*fil*a?

apex: everything