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lirik lagu 12.12.19 – apexxxx



they been hating the aesthetic
almost let me in that’s a choice that they’ve regretted
hate to see me win, so their motives been expected
they do it on the low and really hide it like a fetish

expecting me to compromise that sh*t i do not relish
can’t begin to fathom
the type of sh*t they do
when they face towards your back
the plan is bulletproof
we really getting to the bag

and if i quote another rapper
then all i’m saying is just cap
only get endorsed by my vocal chords
its been this way since sleazy tizi taught me how to press record

but all eyes on the prize tunnel vision
i’m too focused cannot see my own demise
i was only in the lab and i read between lines
and you were only in the trap trying to sniff a couple lines

so in conclusion you and i are not the same
unlike you i would rather choose fortune over fame
but for you you would rather choose these harlots over loot
on my zenith what i’m seeing is confusion in a youth

my back against the wall can’t say i’m outmatched
cause i did it different now they labelled me an outcast
remember skipping school had me looking like a rugrat
since then i’ve been jaw dropping spectacular
king author and the pen the excalibur
balancing the elements i’m feeling like the avatar

all i wanted was sicilian connects
mafioso’s i would still invest in a vest
i’m too focused on the cheque
and if somebody wants me checked
the tables turn we might put fifty on your head

its the la cosa nostra
mob ties we smoking doja
and all my soldiers
is all war ready
they like eciv is like a bomb can it drop already?
but i got it armed and my palms all sweaty

cause after that man it all changes
paper cuts leading to bl**dy basins
we handle ops w attaché casing
first time ye my heart was racing
cause it left me on the spot like a dalmatian

same n*ggas ain’t your n*ggas man they fold on yo
the same say they ain’t snitches when they told on you
remember your rode for you now they rode on you
apeman ain’t got the pen man they wrote for you
same n*ggas saying that are going ghost on you