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lirik lagu 28.02.20 – apexxxx



devious concepts
god flows got me thinking i’m god sent
been on a break they celebrating my absence
i’m only gone a month you speaking on me in past tense
like i say man it really be your own
you concentrating on some sh*t that will never help you grow
had conversations with mom dukes
like more dudes ask for a helping hand
think i’m naive when i say i got you man
call it black intelligence
the ability to envy over sh*t
just to get jealous and
negligence is evident
through blood and sweat
and tears
only start now but its like we been at this sh*t for years
only thing to say is put respect on the set
in 5 years my idea is to have my foot on your neck
cause ape be a goat and k!llic is too
and if mj f*cks the game then vito will too
run a train no passing it
the game is full of pacifists
don’t know the direction we heading in
i got n*ggas who hugging the block with both hands
its crazy he could lose his life if the glock jam
remember rapping with the don
like from there on
i knew this kid was a young phenomenon
cause in the 26 i don’t know no better
so fly i might f*ck around and grow propellers
we from the hardest ever
the hardest era
297 taking over in whatever weather
overcast ,blue skies ,sunshine or rainbows
foot on the gas and you n*ggas ain’t close
get to the bag summer’20 ain’t safe
ya’ll in my head

welcome to the planet of the apes
welcome to the planet of the apes
welcome to the planet of the apes