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lirik lagu 32 degrees – apollo



at 17, a 37 pressed against my temple
i’m tempted to talk about it, what the f-ck?
my dad been gettin’ p-ssed off, i’m tryna slit my wrist, dog
and y’all ain’t paid attention, what the f-ck?
my homie’s at the time deserted me, working at burger king
tryin’ to make it by, my life was rough
32, 32, 32, 32 degrees, 32 degrees, i’m freezin’
livin’ life was never decent, evil with my fam’ was cool
i was gettin’ d’s and e’s and recently, i’m skippin’ school
cold as f-ck, i just turn the oven on
7 in the morning when my family fingers rubbing off
i was gettin’ p-ssed ’cause my brothers ain’t believe me
they was out in college, then when it came to see me
my momma played it off like it was nothing but we freezing
then when it came it around, that’s when she finally would feed me
see, we didn’t have a dollar ’cause my mom was steady workin’
workin’, tryna get the college certificate
but she hurtin’, barely gettin’ by
we got evicted and i’m cryin’ “why?”
i’m gettin’ sick of selling tickets to these hypocritic critics
who really ain’t sh-t to me, we makin’ history
me and all my dogs tryna break us out the industry
i’m tellin’ you my story, man, i grew up very differently
i’m different, i’m fed up, i’m tryna get my bread up
my momma kicked me out the crib, talkin’ she was set up
said it’s crazy how it used to be
usually we good but we not now
chillin’ with my friends in a car, got shot down
livin’ like a slave in a city full of king, kings thinkin’ i ain’t worthy
wakin’ up early, turn the oven on and hurry to the school
livin’ life was a blurry, wish it would’ve just been buried, 32