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lirik lagu miss fortunate – apparitions


my dreams are so lucid and there’s no more excuses.
i’m self-medicating but some may call it healing instead.
there’s no more playing games you know what i’m after.
so just close your eyes and no pointing fingers,
forget my name.

i’d like you to tell me what it is you’re doing here.
i’ve got my reasons i’m insincere,
but for a second, for a moment i didn’t care.
however whenever how the h-ll did i get here?
here’s what you’ve done for yourself.

just close your eyes, just close your eyes.
just take tonight, just take tonight.
i’m over the way, i’m over the way.
i’m over today the way that you break me.
so where did i go wrong?
they way you break, the way you’re fake right in front of me.

doctor, doctor can you take the pain away?
these two years are yesterday’s
oh if there’s a will then there’s a way.
if there’s a will then maybe i could stay.
close your eyes, lose your top then lose your self respect.
close your eyes in shame.
losing what was left of your innocence.

take me on now, so ashamed.
here’s what you’ve done for yourself.
oh she just couldn’t stop, i’ve never felt as lost as i do now.
the thoughts never stop, i wish i could turn them off.

take me on with shame and tragedy,
toss me like a magazine.
miss fortunate will live with shame,
miss fortunate will live in pain.