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lirik lagu 5/10 – approxomin


[verse 1: approxomin]
we need to right this
so peel your eyelids
so you will witness, the beast the nicest
realest of them had a shot at me
snitchin’ didn’t apply to me, so i kept it closed happily
dude sent me letters it got sent back
think i might of lost it, time to retract
rising to the top to achieve
that’s hard for others to believe
they try to send me hate but yet love is what i receive
i’m not a doctor not a poet but yet i have a degree
why these haters gotta hate man i have no clue
really gotta give it back to the youth, for the news
or maybe i’m in the booth
maybe one day i could reach the roof
one day, maybe it could be me and you, yea thats the truth
i just have to play it through, probably through my bluetooth
your fake self expired time to renew
oooh, mr.smooth, smooth criminal like mj
these rappers nowadays are really, so fake
it’s not really even safe, i’m running out of time to replace it
i got more secrets in my mind than a freemason
they ain’t nobody stoppin’ this
i’m almost out of oxygen
i do not see the consequence
reload and c-ckin it
call me approxomin

[verse 2: atomick]
my boy approxomin just went
workin all night so we got six times rent or a mortgage
because you know we gonna get a mansion
all night for expansion
cha-chang is the anthem
money strong like samson
you know i’m going to feed my team
throwing dollar bills, 3-0-1 clean
drake’s delusional, i got “summer sixteen”
raps so fire you need sunscreen
you know your boy is next up on the big screen
yeah i get crazy-crazy without lean
going way to fast like lightning mcqueen
i’m going to get my lambo’ in color green
wait a minute let me-slow-down
i’m going 100 mph but i can do more
ya’ll know i got the horse power
ya’ll can hate but just no it does not really matter
while ya’ll gaining wait my pockets getting fatter
thought i was done, won’t stop till i have 3 grandsons
time to bring it all back call that a home-run
i just burned through your house for fun
but i’m not an arsonist
but i still k!ll you -rs-nic
put it on my team not a narcissist
you know i can’t lie to you my flow is marvelous
[ending 1: atomick]
so now its the end of this rap you know we put md on the map
we just incinerated this track and when it comes to bars
i do not lack
[ending 2: approxomin]
man this rap was so fire, i think we deserve a plaque
time to end this rap but please, expect us back