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lirik lagu truth, be told – architects


truth, be told

raging waters flood the valleys of our mind.
the torrent washed the warning signs.
swim through the one’s and zero’s,
so hard to tell the villains from heroes.
what if they say isn’t true?
what if they want isn’t best for you?
washed up, face down on digital sh-r-s.
lungs contract, now dive back in for more.
are you sitting on the edge of your seat?
“we’ll be right back, don’t move an inch”
static mirror, life isn’t black and white.
i understand it’s hard to chose what’s right.
whiteout swallows us all.
once snow-blind, we won’t care at all.
tunnel vision,
hearts beats in time.
rhythmic contractions
drowning in a flood of distractions.
i want to wake up and find a world in remission,
free from the grasp of the human condition.
but we’re all trapped inside static screens,
trained from birth just to nod and agree.
i don’t want to believe,
that we’ll be forever, fast asleep.

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