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lirik lagu 14th of february – ariel pink’s haunted graffiti


you’ve been acting like a movie star
where are you going? you’re following the corn man [?]
well here’s my list
this is what you need to do:

study for ecology quiz
get your auto work done
break the rules
go to bank
drop that one class
subscribe to high times

what’s this note? someone just left me a note
they’re saying
“hey brandt, we are rectangle”
what’s that rectangle supposed to mean?
oh my god, did they give me [?]?
tall lanky [?] turned hippie on me?
trading his fast ball in for a count of assets? no way

ooh, i better call my friend
there’s a record convention on the 14th of february
f*ck yeah!
hey maybe uh, mac from superchunk will be the special guest this month
oh yeah, of course i’ve got the love
but i cannot cut my own hair
do you know the way to minnesota?
i’ve got an uncle in the government there
for those of you uh, portable types
if the plant is not going to be smoked, glue the stem into the bowl by using an all*purpose lube
may i suggest almond [?]
hey man, what if i wanna use the generic kind of lube?

hop on pop