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lirik lagu 44 magnum – army of the pharaohs


(-prod. by vanderslice)
[verse 1:]
i’m infatuated with the fast line life-
my forehead lacerated like they just rained?
or b-tch captivated when i’m activated
nine planets under my palm, y’all n-gg-s have to hate it
i let y’all debate who the one who rap the greatest
deadweight n-gg-s get your f-cking souls -ss-ssinated
the most manic depressive sn-tching your necklace
p-ssive aggressive unleashing havoc on a record
your team is gay, how manage to rep it?
i’m the slum chemistry f-ggots get disconnected
venomous rhetoric flooding your block, you’re too delicate
hot slugs and metal rip, can’t wait to see the pellets h-t
[verse 2: ~des devious~]
chrome i hold will detach your body from soul
snub-nosed bulldog four-four when i roll
big heat will change my dip and the way that i stroll
made me to perfection, baker shattered the mould
yeah, see n-gg-s slug it out for absolutely nothing
like rumours on who they baby momma’s sucking and f-cking (me)
debating on who running the block them n-gg-s be hugging
[? ] crunch time guess who doing the buzzing (me)
that’s why this n-gg- bringing up my name?
should be serving life for hammers and weight that i’m clutching
four-four mags what we pack, name of the track
cut no slack, just react so bring it back n-gg-
[verse 3: ~vinnie paz~]
i was raised in the congo by religiously trained santos
with h-rns from the trees and magnificent played bongos
vinnie is the head honcho, pop your eyes out
with my bare hands, there’s blood on my grand poncho
i don’t give a flying f-ck though, we all nutso
put you in a wall underneath where they lay stucco
if i was you i’d pray, bucko
you could be the first motherf-cker that i cut and the vein cut slow
speaking of the cut though rawer than peruvian
and vinnie p blast with heat like i’m vesuvian
if y’all wanna overstand death then y’all should screw with him
hooligans who beef when it ain’t got nothing to do with them
[verse 4:]
where i’m from n-gg-s wouldn’t dare to take the same route
i ain’t gotta say no names to get my name out
it’s f-cked up what the game about but
voices ain’t been the same since t-pain came out
if you ain’t shooting you gonna get shot
but nowadays n-gg-s is p-ssy, they do the shooting when they get shot
get your b-tch shot, chin shot
spit a sh-ll, not a rap to making motherf-cking hip hop
i don’t get shot, i stay strapped like a flip-flop
mazerati mazi get gwap before i get got
if not they gonna have to put me in the dirt
it’s either that or they gonna have to cuff me, book like a clerk
put me in the cell for a pistol and the sh-ll
miserable as h-ll cause a n-gg- wouldn’t tell
school of hard knocks, n-gg- wouldn’t fail
got detention for a cell so they put me in the cell