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lirik lagu i’m a demon – artist jj spazzin


aye i’m a demon in the field (field)

aye aye i’m a demon in the field aye yeah


im a demon im a demon

aye aye

i’m a demon in the field
let me tell you how it feels
all of my n-ggas they locked up or or they laying right here
and you don’t understand the pain that i bring
and i know momma she tired of me
i’m sorry momma i had to get back on my feet
i was in the street i was trapping all night just to eat

remember them nights when we didn’t have nothing
he got what we wanted we went and bust em
remember them nights when life was a struggle
one day you good the other you in trouble
yah we came up with the same f-cking gang
i can’t change for the fame for my name
i got gucci louie prada got everything